jumbieart asked:

Can you please add the hashtag JumbieArt to your /post/12041542561 ? This my Art and it shows you as the source of it and I'd really appreciate getting credit for it. Especially with all the likes it has. I only have 49 followers on tumblr and its very discouraging to see my art liked over 4,150 times and nobody knows who I am. Thanks. Much <3


Hey there. Thnx for the heads up! Tumblr shows that I am the source because I was the first to post the photo on tumblr, so when it says that it’s not saying I am the artist. I found that pic I think on a cellphone wallpaper site or something many years ago. I wish you could’ve found me earlier. I had no clue who the artist was b/c they didn’t source it. Thnx for contacting me! Your work is great. I reblogged the pic and added you as a tag and put your link up as well. I have many different blogs and this one I haven’t updated in a while, but I have over 3 thousand followers so hopefully it’ll bring some traffic to your site. I wish you many more followers. Good luck!                                   


He loves me, he loves me not…. #LincolnLove
1963 Lincoln Continental

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Love this! &lt;333
me.. all day every day